"Serena Williams" JP Morgan Chase

It took years for professional tennis player Serena Williams to master the two-handed backhand shot. However, it only took her one shot on the court to master the Chase Mobile App. Chase has designed a technology that lets you easily master the way you bank.

House of Bones: L.A.’s Hidden Whale Warehouse

An unmarked warehouse in Los Angeles houses the nation's second largest collection of marine mammal specimens (i.e. bones and eyeballs). What researchers have learned from the skeletons at this warehouse is helping shape the way we understand marine mammals and their place in our ecosystem.

"James Murphy" IBM

Between his score for Noah Baumbach's forthcoming movie While We're Young, his musical renovations for the New York City MTA, and his signature coffee, James Murphy has been keeping pretty busy lately. Now, the LCD Soundsystem mastermind has announced another project, this time in partnership with IBM and the U.S. Open, which is happening now. As Self-Titled reports, Murphy and the tech giant plan to use the raw data from tennis matches to generate an algorithm that will transform each match into a unique song. By the time the tournament ends, they estimate that they'll have amassed have almost 400 hours of music. Isn't technology amazing? IBM has shared a trailer for the project; check it out below.

When a green flag was raised in the middle of a gymnasium in 1941, the founders of the now annual event known as Girls Show had no idea the rivalry they created. In a competition that began as a message of girls equality in the field of athletics, this ever-evolving event is the most important night at Passaic Valley High School.

"JiHAE" for Allure

JiHAE isn’t your typical rockstar. For starters, the South Korean-born pop-rock singer is the daughter of a diplomat. She grew up in Sweden and Nigeria, received a degree in political science from Emory University, and even dabbled in modeling for a period of time before pursuing a full-fledged music career. You may recognize her from those iconic Eileen Fisher ads, but she's clearly more than meets the eye.You can also add activist to her resume as she has rubbed shoulders with industry greats like Lenny Kravitz, and recently collaborated with Eurythmics musician Dave Stewart on the song “Man to Man Woman to Woman,” as a part of the U.S. State Department’s 2012 "Walk a Mile" campaign, which promoted cross cultural tolerance and world peace. Yeah, she's kind of a big deal.

"UK Tour w/Kings Of Leon" The Weeks

Working alongside Kings of Leon affiliated label Serpents & Snakes, we follow The Weeks, on their UK tour. Whether it was their songcraft, their charisma or their sheer energy the band made a massive impact on anyone who caught their set at SXSW. Opening in Bristol, the band will match headline shows with a support slot on the Kings of Leon tour.